We specialize in: Commercial, Subdivision, as well as Residential.

Katy, TX--Including West Houston, TX


Skilled Arborist in Katy, TX--Including West Houston Area

A Katy, TX, arborist can offer seasoned advice for all your tree care needs. Cody’s Tree Service has a certified arborist who understands southern tree care needs and can provide comprehensive solutions for improving the health of your trees. When you call for an appointment, our dependable team will arrive quickly and is fully equipped to complete any needed service.

We're family owned and operated and committed to exceptional customer service for area residents. Our arborist can provide these services:

  • Comprehensive tree health assessments
  • Tree pruning and removal
  • Landscaping and watering advice

We can handle jobs for customers in commercial and residential locations. We strive to perform tree pruning, topping, and removal services that deliver the neat, tidy look you want for your outdoor space. Use a trusted Katy, TX, arborist for all your tree care concerns. Call Cody’s Tree Service with your tree care questions, and we’ll be happy to visit your yard and offer professional assistance.


Cody with his Chainsaw Carvings

Cody has recently gotten into chainsaw carvings! Here is some of his work he showcased at the 2014 Katy Rice Harvest Festival